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Shehzada Box Office Collection Day 1,2 ,3,4, 5, 6, 7


Shehzada Box Office Collection Day: Shehzada movie is released on 17th Feb 2023. This was one of the most awaited movie of Karthik Aryan. However the movie story is not new. It is a dub of a South movie Ala Vaikunthapurramulo. Allu Arjun, a South megastar known as action hero now, became Pan India actor after Pushpa played the lead role of Ala Vaikunthapurramulo, and this movie was the blockbuster on the box office.

Now, Shehzada has been released with the expectation of same. It would be very interesting to know that Kartik Aryan can also make the same impact with this movie in the industry or not. This movie was released on 17th 2023, and now it is more than one week, so let’s know what the collection of this movie on the box office was.

Shehzada Box Office Collection

Shehzada box office collection of first weekend was around 23 crore. It is a 4th day when Shahzada is released, and the total collection is around 23 crore. This movie has got an opening of 6 crore rupees, and on the second day, the performance of this movie was more than the first day, so the collection of second day was 6.65 crore and the third day, was outstanding the movie has collected more than 7 crore on its third day. Therefore final collection is around 23 crore within 4 days.

Even though Shehzada was not a movie on a fresher story as I told you, this is a one of the most loved movie of south star Allu Arjun Ala Vaikunthapurramulo. So this was very hard for Kartik Aryan to match the level of Allu Arjun. Still, Karthik Aryan has given total effort to prove himself and has performed outstandingly.

Shehzada Box Office Collection Day 1

Shehzada Box Office Collection Day 1 was around 6 crore which is not good, but as we know, this is not a fresh movie. Everyone knows the story of this movie earlier. The original version of this movie was an outstanding, in which south Stylish Star Allu Arjun played the lead role.

Shehzada Box Office Collection Day 2

Shehzada Box Office Collection Day 2 was almost same but with some increment. This movie has collected over 6.65 crores on 2nd day of release. Everyone appreciates the acting of Kartik Aryan, but we all know the story, so the movie is not performing as it should.

Shehzada Box Office Collection Day 3

The gross collection of Shehzada on Day 3 was more than 7 crores, and this way, the movie has collected more than 22 crores in just three days. However, this is not a good number for a star who has given a massive opening in his last movie “Bhool Bhulaiya 2”. This movie has collected more than 55 crores on first weekend, but the shehjada didn’t.

Shehzada Box Office Collection Lifetime

It is difficult to say anything about the movie for lifetime collection but as per the current situation where on day 4, this movie collection has dropped drastically and made a collection only 2.5 crores. This was around 70% drop in the everyday collection.

Shehzada Box Office Collection Day 16 Cr
Shehzada Box Office Collection Day 26.65 Cr
Shehzada Box Office Collection Day 37.25 Cr
Shehzada Box Office Collection Day 42.5 Cr
Shehzada Box Office Collection Day 5
Shehzada Box Office Collection Day 6
Shehzada Box Office Collection Day 7

So, it seems this would be unable to cross 50 Cr in a month. If per the current status, we can assume this as a super flop movie of 2023. Well this is just an estimation. Let see what will happened.

Final Overview

We all know that the storyline of this movie is outstanding, but it becomes predictable because there is no change in the original an the dubbed one. However, Kartik aryan tried to match the fighting level of Allu Arjun. He was very close but not same. Overall, the movie is awsome if you haven’t watched the original movie, then you must watch in theaters.


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